>> Friday, April 22, 2011

I have these great memories from my childhood of going to see the Gamma Phi Circus with my family. I was a young inexperienced gymnast totally enthralled by the amazing feats these performers/college kids could master (And just slightly freaked out by the clowns. OK, REALLY freaked out by the clowns.)

So ever since W was a baby I've been itching to take him but knew he wouldn't fully appreciate it until he was older. This was the first year I thought both kids could handle sitting still for that long (I might have been a bit optimistic with L yet.)

The show definitely did not disappoint and they have added so much cool stuff since I saw it some 25 years ago. Oh sheesh, that's a quarter of a century. Sigh...

W was totally captivated by every part. During one act when one of the girls was riding a unicycle across a tight wire he covered his eyes and said "I CAN'T WATCH!!" How does a five year old know to cover his eyes during an intensely suspenseful act?

He was clearly not listening though when the announcer warned children not to try these acts at home. That was the first thing he wanted to do with Daddy when he got home was to try out all the new tricks he had seen. Or maybe it was more Daddy who hadn't listened!

L was surprisingly attentive too. Except for about the last hour. Two and a half hours is a long time for even me to sit in one place! After the first act, a trampoline act, she got down from her seat and wanted to know when it was her turn to go down and give it a try.

We had a great time and are looking forward to trying it again in a couple years--maybe by then we'll have a gymnast or two of our own!


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