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>> Sunday, March 27, 2011

I haven't been to the Hearts at Home Conference for a couple years and it was good to get back! I met my long-time high school friends there and we had a blast.

Are those some hip moms or what? Let me just pause for a moment and explain something. Yes, if you look close you will see that is the same outfit I am wearing in the previous post. I actually considered not posting one of the pictures when I realized this. However, it is just an indication of the minimalist I am. I have one winter outfit that I feel great in, so I wear it a lot. Rather than omit the picture I decided to be authentic instead!

Now, on to the good stuff. Hearts at Home is always one of those conferences where before I go I don't really think I need to go. Then when I go I realize how VERY much I needed to go.

There wasn't a whole of lot of earth-shattering, new material for me this year. But the reminders I received that I am God's child; He made me and designed me especially to be W and L's mommy; and that His love covers all my inadequacies brought Revolution to my life.

Some specifics I intend to be more diligent about attacking are:

1. My tendency to speculate about what others think. Jennifer Rothschild...

was one of the main speakers. She is a firecracker speaker who lost her sight at age 15 and now teaches women across the country how to walk by faith, not by sight. She reminded me that speculating only leads to allowing yourself to entertain thoughts based on feeling, not fact. Being a natural born "feeler" makes me really bad about this sometimes. See above paragraph about my speculation that you would care or even notice that I am wearing the same outfit in both photos. Sheesh...sometimes my neurotic tendencies are JUST. TOO. MUCH. for even me. Anyhoo...

2. Patience, patience, patience. I'm also a natural born "fixer." So when my kids are struggling, I swoop in to do it for them rather than let them struggle things out. I need to get better about this.

3. Intentionally cultivate independence in my children by being patient, patient, patient. See number 2. Can you tell I need some help in the patience area?

The rest of the weekend was just bonus. A's hubby brought us my fave...

so we could avoid the dinner rush. Ingenious.

This Southern Belle was the comedian for Girls Night Out and I laughed so hard my cheeks hurt. Such an unassuming entertainer.

Then we stayed at A's house and the next day spent it eating, shopping and catching up on life as mommy's. (How do you spell mommy's? Mommies? Mommys? Is that even a word??)

And really, how better to top off a girl's weekend than some breakfast here...

and lunch here?!!...


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